The Great Hunter

Image: Lonely Chair, creation by Noor Abdillah

(Psycho)analysis of fear/(Psiho)analiza straha)

Don't believe it when they say that you can put your past behind you
For the past is a great hunter of our soul
Each time our new hopes are being born the hunter rises and destroys our nest
And he will keep on doing it unless we can see
that our worst enemy can also be our dearest friend

The most solitary place is our soul
and he occupies the only chair we've got
He is our challenge, our chance to win
and only through that challenge can our faith be revealed

But not everyone has a soul, and if one does then…..soul is the ocean of dreams
many of which are lost upon wakening
many  of which are lost in the possession of The Great Hunter

But there is always one dream that can escape his watchful eye
And that is a dream about our a new state of mind
The very same dream by which we create our art

So don't believe it when they say
for I am trying to explain it in a different way
So it can be to your advantage if there is such a case

(Amna Dumpor)


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