Grave of Love

There is an old wound in my heart
the wound that will never be healed
but it will be forgotten in time
lost in the places we can never find

In the absence of your presence
I shall find my peace at once
move to other places
where there will be no you
where there will be no us

And I shall be brave to look into the face
of the destiny and say “I lost my fight”

Time, that deadly weapon
of the oblivion and you and I
on the other side
We shall dig our own grave
the only thing left of us
the only thing that will survive our love

The love, that once was
so mighty and so fine
now just a bare shadow
of the one who departs

I shall not ask why
My own murderer
will spare me this time
and give me as a gift
the rest of my life
never to look back
never to turn around

(Amna Dumpor, London, 2009)


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